Amazing Foods throughout Asia!

There are certainly great foods throughout the world.  I hope you liked my post on the foods in Italy and foods in Paris.  Beautiful places, beautiful people, and of course, beautiful food!  We are now going to travel from the Western hemisphere of the Earth, to the far East!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the food and cultures that Europe and the Americas have to offer, but there is just something absolutely special about the East Asian culture.

Asia, Asian Foods

I can’t really put my finger on it, but there’s a uniqueness that just can’t be paralleled.  Asia is a land where you think of truly beautiful forms of art whether it’s origami, traditional Chinese firecrackers, Japanese anime, dragons made of Jade, or silk robes, there is just soooo much to be discovered.  Though, I do have to admit, out of all cultural aspects of Asia, I’d have to say that that the food, takes the cake (no pun intended).  I swear, on my next trip to Asia, I’m going to need to bring an appetite suppressor so that I don’t overeat and gain 20 pounds of nasty, sluggish fat!

So….without further delay, here are some of my favorite foods throughout Asia that you HAVE to try, in no particular order:  (And, I’ll likely be adding another post that extrapolates this list because there’s just so many delicacies!

1. Sushi – My gosh!  Seriously, who doesn’t like sushi?  If you don’t like it….quite frankly we cannot be friends anymore!  (just kidding!)  Sushi has certainly become extremely popular in Western culture, but the fact still remains that it’s one of the world’s best pieces of food!  A lot of people associate sushi with raw fish, but that concept is totally misguided. Sushi really means “vingear rice,” which is the basic component of sushi.  From those core ingredients, sushi chefs can add other items, whether it be cucumber, avocado, shrimp, lobster, cream cheese, or even raw fish!

2. Laab- Say whaat?  Yes, it’s called “Laab.”  It’s a Laotian dish.  Laos is a small country in Southeast Asia known for having a very beautiful, rural, green landscape.  Don’t let the simplicity fool you though!  Lao culture is home to some of the best dishes you will ever try!  Laab is basically ground up, seasoned meat with some green vegetables sprinkled over it.  It’s meant to usually be eaten with your hands along with sticky rice.  Sticky rice could certainly be a whole article on it’s own! 🙂

3. Drunken Noodle – Yes, it’s as good as its name suggests!  This is a Thai dish.  It’s a rice noodle dish (rice noodles are typically white and flat noodles), that stir-fried with a variety of meat and vegetables.  You can choose to add in anything from chicken to shrimp to your favorite slice of beef!  The usual vegetables consist or tomato, onions, garlic, and basil, but there are a number of combinations that could be added in!

Just thinking about all this Asian food makes me want to buy a ticket to Asian right now!  Hope the above descriptions and visuals help!  Take some time to look at the foods above and stay tuned for the next dishes I choose to write about!