Top 7 Glorious Foods You Must Eat in Paris


A place known for wine, romance, chic fashion, and priceless artwork and treasures, Paris is definitely a place to visit. Along with this grandeur is rich food that will topple off any impression of rudeness, which they may be famous for but rather not stereotyped.

If there’s one thing they care about- it’s coming up with the best, most delicious foods you can ever eat in your entire life.

Experience the finest cuisines offered not only in this capital city of France, but throughout the country.

Here are the delightful foods you can’t miss out on your trip for these are bound to give you a glorious taste of heaven!

1 Baguette

There’s no other place on earth that produces top rated baguettes. You’ll later on discover that nothing else comes close- it’s just the best you’ve ever had! Paris gives you that satisfyingly crusty and warm French bread, which make for a lovely breakfast complemented with spreads or cheeses. In fact, any other baked goods like croissant would captivate your senses once you smell in on the streets of France.

2 Macarons

Tiny as they are, these Parisian cookies come in a huge variety of flavors. It looks adorable with two almond meringue shells stuck together with some buttercream or ganache. These are very flavourful and colourful, infused with delicate sweetness that melts in your mouth much like a typical meringue, but way better with one-of-a-kind fillings and won’t crumb away.

3 Croque Monsieur

This is not your regular ham and cheese, but superior and grilled to perfection. Your ham is oozing with flavour and crisp while the cheese is usually Gruyere of Emmental. This meal is a staple of most cafes and brasseries in Paris. It is moistened with a touch of Bechamel sauce, and when served with fried or poached egg, it evolves to Croque Madame for a mind-blowing lunch treat.

4 Escargot

Dare to try something really different with tender snails brimming with butter, garlic and parsley, enveloped in fresh sauce. It also is a perfect match for baguettes, placed on top of toasted pieces.

With all this glorious food, there is a chance you’ll expand your waist line and would need to work it off to keep your body trim.

5 Steak Frites

A good slice of beef partnered with authentic French fries prove to be the best-paired meal. Slice your way through meat carefully selected and prepared. Your steak is packed with juice, the right tenderness, and sensuous aroma heightened with the freshness of potatoes.

6 Chocolate

Indulge in chocolate, with plentiful options such as decadent truffles, candied hazelnuts, healthy dark chocolate bars, and some that are whimsically made with the artistic flair of chocolatiers. Enjoy the freedom of moving around from one chocolate shop to the next!

7 Caramel

You may want to opt for meals sprinkled with some caramel for a unique twist in your meals. Their sweet crepes and galettes are freshly made, some garnished with buttercream then doused with caramelized almonds, and some slathered in salted butter caramel, yielding a perfect combination of salty and sweet. French caramel is lavish with texture, buttery flavor, You can bring home these little treats to share with family and friends, and let them savor the moment and bask in the goodness of one of the simple joys in life!