The Signature of Italian Foods By Region


Ah Italy!

You never leave taste buds discontented with your delectable foods.

A place known for pasta, pasta sauces and pizza, Italy has something for everyone. For Italians, food is life and that is why they have heavily influenced food culture all across the globe.

Not all regions of Italy eats the same food, each area has its own spin on delectable Italian food.

So here are different types of food Italy is best known for:

1 Pizza And Pasta

Popular In Central Italy

Italian Pizza is a thin crust, similar to baked pita texture and base.

Widely speaking, there are two types of pizza:
the neapolitan pizza which resembles a flat bread, and is comparatively tick; and
the Roman pizza, which is much crustier and thinner.

Italians also broadly distinguish between white pizza that is known as focaccia and comes without tomato sauce, and red pizza that comes with tomato sauce.

In addition to this, the wonderful cheese and sauce combinations will make you feel that every pizza must be prepared the Italian way.

Pasta, on the other hand, is subdivided according to:

  • Shelf life
  • Shape
  • Production method; and
  • Composition.

Several shapes are available, but Italian people usually group these different shapes into stuffed or plain, long and short pasta.

Each pasta shape is matched with a specific sauce and flavor, the pairing is based on the shapes ability to hold a particular flavor and sauce.

Be warned though, consumption of all this comfort food may lead to having to take a fat burning pill like phen375 to remove any excess fat.

2 Risotto And Gnocchi

Popular In Northern Italy

In the North of Italy, Risotto along with different types of cheeses are extremely popular.

Risotto is a rich Italian dish, that can be flavored in several ways. The rice is cooked in broth, which may be fish-based or meat-based, to a creamy consistency. Most of the risotto dishes include butter, onions, and parmesan cheese. Cheese plays an extremely important role in this delicious Italian dish.

Gnocchi is another well-known Italian food, which is created in various styles and flavors in Northern Italy. Meat lovers can enjoy a slab of fine meat on several menus throughout Italy, while vegetarians can have the pomodoro kind cheese and sauce.

3 Fragrant Olive Oils And Tomatoes

Popular In Sun-Soaked South Italy

In the South, you will find more Arabic and Greek influence.

Foods are dominated by dried and fresh tomatoes, either serve fresh or cooked as a sauce, accentuated with oregano and basil, and spiked with olives, capers, olive oil, and hot peppers

Food featuring aromatic olive oils is also extremely popular.

The southern region represents the central point of olive oil production because of its environmental conditions and history.

As such, it can also be considered as a country producing the most advanced and latest technologies able to completely support for itself, as well as for the whole world, the development of olive oil production practices and techniques, and of course, some of the world’s best olive oil cuisines!

So even if time changes, and life becomes more frenetic, Italian food is something that will still give people a great pleasure in sitting at the restaurant, or at home, and sharing a good meal with friends and family!